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Aidil Adha, Korban celebration in Belgaum

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Though maybe our community start out to be small, but alhamdulillah we, the muslim community from USMKLE are capable of conducting a very successful Aidil Adha celebration.

To start with, maybe Aidil Adha celebration seems to be an unlikely event ever celebrated in Malaysia. Not that it is an unworthy of celebration, but we prefer to comemorate aidil fitri more than aidil adha that we do. Well, it seems to be an upside world down here in Belgaum. So we, the Isoc community jumping into the band wagon of the fiesta, hoping for the bless from Allah and so to benefits the rest of our homey- community.

We start out the first activity of the event with an Islamic explorace on monday night of 7th November 2011. The purpose of this activity is to initiate interest about Islam among our community with some basic learning on fiqah and knowledge on Islamic country in an interesting manner, besides moulding a good relationship among our community. So, after receiving the first task, which is to create a  group-flag, we divide among ourselves into small respective groups and  hoping to win for the tomorrows competition.

            Chaiyok2!!!! Hisham, Irwin, Zharif, Ilmu, and Azlan representing the as Siddiq group. As for  the silver linings, Rickee, Irwin, Siva and Santhana also colours up the day...

  The muslimah's team on the other hand, seems to be a step forward.... from the picture: A briefing on one of the team building activity- carrying a cup of water with mahjong paper

There is of about 8 station to be accomplished. Fuuh, might be a little sweatchy,.. but in anyway thanks to the iSoc and the sports bureau, the explorace turns out to be a great success and everyone really enjoys the day.

As for the next day, we performed an Aidil Adha prayers, lead/imam by our own Isoc leader, Mohd Hanif himself. Since, our surau are currently under progress, our prayers were held in front of the campus main building. Many may question, wasn't it seems hot? Luckily, Belgaum has the 'aircond'-like season. Well, trying  out something different, might be a blossom-full experience for everybody. Again, the prayers event turn out to be a success, with the participants from our neighbouring campus the JNMC students.

         Guess, that might not be enough carpets for everyone,... will fix the problems next time

Soon after the prayers, we pursue onto our major event- the korban. Hurm, guess I might be writing  between these line in Malay, to make my sentence a bit more clear. Psss, sbenarnya India tak benarkan korban scara trbuka, jadi kami pun adakan korban di rumah Uncle Mushtaq. Well it tooks about 3 days to accomplish all the cutting, slicing, and distributing the meats. Luckily, since we have more man-power this year, we were able to donate more for the Muslim community surrounds.

Korban from Islamic point of view is a form of ibadah, an act which bless by Allah. We Muslims perform this as an order to manifest the hardship of Ibrahim in order to sacrifice His sons, Ismail which later traded to kibas, as a rewards from HIM....

As for the lime light of the night event, the closing ceremony were conducted in the Campus compartment. While the rest of the boys might be busy managing the events, the muslimah on the other sides, helping with the cookings. It doesnt seems easy as it look, as we need to allocate just a right amount of foods for everybody. But, thanks to our Mess Bureau, everything comes in handy, thought there is a bit neck stretching moment preparing the dishes. Dont worry friends, your foods that night were lovely!!! A big event will not ends out so dim without a Nasyeed performing by Safwan, Hussein and the colleagues as for the grand finale.

Ariff Awang, together with the muslimah, busy preparing the dishes for the Closure ceremony- Not too sweatching huh,...

Nice vocals from the USMKLE-Syababs, though they were the last to have their dine. 

All in all, we do hope the spirits of our Islamic community continues. Though we start out small, we grows up big. Insyallah, the ISOC community will further uphold the values of Islam in the eyes of the World. 


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