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Night of the youth (Lailatul Rijjal and Lailatul Akmar)

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     While many amongst the Jawarhal Nehru locals are celebrating Good Friday on the 6th of April, we, the Isoc Community again managed to conduct an event called the Night of the Youth. Day one, as a night  of Iman (Lailatul Iman), the next day as the night of Knowledge (Lailatul Ilmu) and for the last, the night of Amal (Lailatul Amal).

Thursday, 5th April 2012

     It is quite a routine for every USM KLE students for having a fast on Monday and Thursday- Only that the numbers of those whom really did the practice was not big. So why won’t make it a festive? Lailatul Iman proves that all of us were able to face of the challenge. When time comes for us to break the fast, all of us gather at our musallah to serve the mouth watering dinner.

     As in occasion, we had our Maghrib prayers together soon after breaking the fast. We do not recite Kahfi as what we planned it to be, as cleaning-schedule for the left over foods might be quite time-consuming. What matter most, when we feel full, we feel happy. Fret not, of course we wont remember to perform our Isyak prayers after.

Friday, 6th April 2012

    So, our boss Hanif, do have something to share with for the second Day- Jenazah Prayer class. Here in our very musallah, Hanif explains to us the rukyah (the procedures) of conducting the prayers, what are the position of the dead during the prayers and why do there is a need to perform the ibadah. Reason behind this is because it is our duty as son or daughter to get ready for the coming times of our own relatives, especially our parents. As a point to ponder, it is us that bathed our own parents, prayed for them and walk together with them into their crypts. Insyallah.

Saturday, 7th April 2012

      The third yet to be the last event of all, is the Night of Amal. Unlike the previous activities, we commemorate the night in front of the boys hostel. So, there are many activities yet to savor every USM-KLE members. Chicken BBQ, Fried Rice, Fried Potatoes and Icy Lemonade were among the mouth watering dishes to be served.

      The event started out soon after our Maghrib prayers, in front of the NRI Boys Hostels. Actually, should have been a bit earlier, as it seems the Chicken BBQ takes longer time to be sautéed and drilled. While waiting the night dinner- or should I said a supper, there are some games conducted among the ISOC members, such as hand tangling games, Poison box, and ‘Tirai Kasih sayang’.

     Hand-tangling games lead by Akhyar, might seems a bit tough to be played. Every member needed to hold each other hands, and break open to form a big circle with their hand engaged. Tough game for sure, however, it creates the spirit of togetherness among us. Some people tried so hard to break open to form the circle but are yet finding difficulties upon their trying. Other members did it well with just a blink of an eye. This game somehow shows deep meaning into it. For some people, they may find hardship in achieving something in life, although what so ever struggles they try to make. However, some people, achieve their ambition with ease without so much of diffulties. As a muslim we believed in takdir-qada and Qadar. Hardship is a form of Tarbiyah (test and lesson) by Allah taala to see how much we have been greatful upon Him.
There are other games conducted by Afiq Aizat, which is the Poison box. This game was played by passing the box to the next members up until the music stop. Those of whom received the box soon after the music stopped need to give speeches about anything good from any topics that comes to mind from each of the participants- might it be cars, bicycle or anything.

     Cant stopped the salivary secretion!!! But patient awaits in every men hearts for which we put aside our hunger for foods for the last game- Tirai Kasih Sayang. Everyone needs to remember everyone names, place and date of birth before they were put into test. The games were played by separating the USM students into two groups. They were separated by a curtain, and each team needs to send one member from each team. He need to guess the name/ place/ D.O.B of the opponents soon as the curtain fall. The one that quickly guessed, win the game, and able to attract the opponent member into his team. The most men win the game.

The night ends up with a great supper and Nasyeed Song lead by Safwan and the friends. Night of the Youth leaves with thousands of memories which strengthen the bonds between us -the USM-KLE students. This is how the Minority Malaysian among us shares, and lives as a family, as a community- a Malaysian Community whom yet stranded in a place of nowhere in Belgaum, India. J


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