Nama-Nama Mu Ya Allah

Ubay bin Kaab

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One of Prophet Muhammad’s  companions.

“Aqro ukum Ubay”
"The most clever amongst all of you in reading the holy Quran is Ubay".        
One day, Prophet Muhammad told Ubay that Allah have ordered Him to recite Suratul Bayyinah to him.

He was shocked. Full of hope, he asked,
“Zakaran fil mala’il a’la?”
“(God) mentions my name in front of the angels in al-a’la (the sky)?”

Prophet Muhammad replied,
“Yes, Allah mentioned your name in front of the angels in the heaven..”


Ubay broke into tears.
He can no longer restrained himself from calmness.  His faith grew stronger.

What is more wonderful than being remembered and quoted by The Lord of The World?


Ijlis bina nu’man saah..
Let us sit together, having thought for awhile..

Make the Quran besides thee always, with a sincere heart.
He will surely knows. He will surely see every goodness that you attempt.

Who knows..
Maybe YOUR name is being called up in a’la (the sky) there?



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